Telecommunications Giant Realizes Dramatic Sales Increases

This client is a global leader in communication systems, applications and services. They are a world leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems and communications software applications and services, and they design, build, deploy and manage networks for enterprises. Customers range from small businesses and nonprofit agencies up to more than 90% of the FORTUNE 500, and the U.S. government.


The client’s business was impacted in the following ways:

  • Need for improved control over Market Development Fund (MDF) budgets
  • Lack of robust program reporting
  • Need for automated prior approval and claim processes
  • Error-prone and time-consuming channel administration procedure


  • Channel sales increase of over $100 million over three years (for one lead program)
  • Agent commissions alone on one program totaled over $130 million in the first year
  • First year cost reductions exceeded $10 million
  • Improved customer satisfaction and lead closure rates

CCI Solution Mix

  • CCI Professional Services
  • ProgramsPro® Platform
  • Fund Management Module
  • LeadPro™ Module
  • Implemented in eight weeks

“(This client) credited its PRM system (“CCI”) for improving its lead closure rate by 1%, reallocating $10 million in staff expenses, and improving channel sales by 10%.”

Source: Customer-Centered Telecommunications Services Marketing, by Karen G. Strouse (2004)