Increased cost savings & ROI for this channel driven company

This client is a leading manufacturer in the barcode and specialty printing technology industry, serving Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies and selling over four million printers worldwide. Their distribution and sales channel is present in over 90 countries.


The client’s business was impacted in the following ways:

  • Brand dilution due to decreased comarketing by partners
  • Dissatisfaction with existing manufacturer-provided co-marketing tools
  • Confusion amongst partners about how to co-market appropriately on their own
  • Minimal bandwidth in partner businesses necessitated an effective, easy to use solution that could be implemented quickly


  • 49% of the eligible channel partners have accessed AdPro™ to create customized marketing materials
  • Over $1 million worth of channel partner advertising in the first year alone
  • Over 65,000 exposures occurred in the marketplace
  • 446% or 4:1 return on investment in the first year
  • Projected returns of 10:1 over five years
  • $4 million cost savings in first year

CCI Solution Mix

  • ProgramsPro® Platform
  • AdPro Module
  • Implemented in six weeks