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Andrea Couzens

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (December 1, 2005)

"CCI Surpasses 150,000 Global Users"

Novato, CA – CCI, a Marin-based software and service company today announced the use of their online channel and trade promotion solutions has exceeded 150,000 users worldwide.

CCI’s President and CEO, Debra Delaney, made the announcement that CCI has over 150,000 regular, unique users of their hosted software platform and modules. The announcement was made less than seven months after CCI announced that their systems had over 100,000 users. “We recognize that this measurable increase is a key indicator of both the need for our software and service and also of the growth of CCI as a company, “ said Delaney.

Founded in 1983, CCI brings over 20 years of experience to client projects, including a wealth of best practice knowledge. CCI’s suite of software and professional service offerings – combined with experience and technology – help companies streamline sales and marketing programs, including sales incentives, spiffs, rebates, co-op, market development funds (MDF), brand and awareness campaigns, demand and lead generation, deal registration, lead distribution, POS and ROI calculation.

Don Barnwell, Vice President of Information Systems, is responsible for driving product development at CCI and feels that the 33% increase in users is a significant milestone for the company. “We anticipated a lift in the number of users because of careful product development and marketing plans that have been executed. We are extremely pleased in the increased number of users, and we see this is a sign that we are doing the right things for our clients.”

Since 2003 CCI has been successfully executing a plan to add more breadth and depth to their current suite of solutions. CCI has also been expanding its international presence to include strategic partnerships throughout the world; CCI currently has users in over 100 countries.

CCI Statement
CCI empowers companies to increase revenue and brand awareness by planning, implementing and managing integrated, world-class sales and marketing programs across all channels and geographies. CCI uniquely combines over 20 years of channel and technical expertise with professional services and web-based, GAAP-compliant software solutions.