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Andrea Couzens

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (August 30, 2004)

"Ritter Center Benefits From CCI's Ongoing Work"

Novato, CA - CCI, a Marin-based company today announced their continuing support of Ritter Center by completing an organized clothing drive for children and adults.

CCI's Director of Marketing, Cathi O'Sullivan, made the announcement that CCI, in conjunction with Autodesk, organized a clothing drive that yielded a large quantity of usable clothing for children and adults as part of the company's ongoing efforts to support Ritter Center. "CCI is proud to support Ritter Center year round. In tandem with other Marin-based companies like Autodesk - with whom we co-organized this clothing drive - CCI is able to raise funds and collect other much-needed resources to support the Ritter Center's mission of preventing homelessness in Marin County."

Founded in 1983, CCI brings over 20 years of experience to client projects, including a wealth of best practice knowledge. CCI's suite of software and professional service offerings - combined with experience and technology - help companies streamline sales and marketing programs, including sales incentives, spiffs, rebates, co-op, market development funds (MDF), brand and awareness campaigns, demand and lead generation, lead distribution, POS and ROI calculation.

Ritter Center was established in 1980 to respond to the need of the County's low-and-no-income residents. All programs at Ritter Center focus on providing highly professional services with respect and compassion and on assuring that effective case management enables clients to access related services that provide an integrated response to complex needs.

CCI's President, Debra Delaney, is also Ritter Center's Board Vice President. "As a successful company in Marin County we feel it's our responsibility to give back to the community. Ritter Center gives to the community on many levels, and CCI joins them in their commitment."

Ritter Center Development Director Susan Mitchell added, "It is only with the help of members of the community that Ritter Center can continue to provide invaluable services to people in need. Companies like CCI and Autodesk, and hundreds of others who choose to get involved, make it possible for Ritter Center to be Marin's critical safety net for the working poor and other at-risk populations, and the primary access point back to the mainstream, for homeless persons. With a little help from a lot of people, we can do so much."

CCI Statement
CCI is a leading provider of software and professional services that enhance communication and increase the return on investment (ROI) and measurability of sales and marketing programs for companies that sell through direct and indirect channels. When working with CCI, companies are able to communicate more clearly with internal and external sales and marketing channels, for mutual success.